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by Dikembe

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released June 2, 2015

Recorded and mixed by David Bell at the PARTY DEN OF SIN SATAN LIVES 666 in Gainesville, FL.

Artwork by Josiah Lloyd
Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Dikembe Gainesville, Florida

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  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Worst in the Fury
Red sun.
Empty my arms out in the canyon.
Would I be happy just to leave it all?
Could I be opened like an old fault?
I'd give it a rest if I were me.
I'd sell out my eyelids to get some sleep.
All along
I was an ocean made of only salt.
I resolved to keep my neck stiff,
So I could stare at the way you sound.
We invent.
We insist.
Track Name: Surfed in the Loft
Get off of it.
I can't stay awake for long.
Keep my head under your thumb.
I get awful, I know I get awful.
But it's awful here.
I stayed set.
I pulled my arms off like an insect.
I shed my conscience like a shed skin.
I threw my arms into the orbit.
I made my bed inside a lion's den.
Stay still. Keep your head on the sill.
Track Name: Teeth in the Sink
I left my head in sparks,
Out on the bed.
I was a ghost, in honor of
When the curtains closed
and the air had all gone home
I was left in, wandering.
I built a life on a ledge.
Tearing my conscience out,
And beating it to death.
When the ink sets in, I will have shed my skin
I get restless.
Track Name: Guts in the Brush
For a while my heart was set
On the wrong side of the bed
I buried every single song I met,
Regardless of its content.
I moved on to better things.
Like broken bells and crooked swings.
But I gave up when I sang,
"It's just the way my head gets lodged in the throne. It's just the way I'll fall in love with anyone. "
I imagine all these small souls
Moving on the better things
Like growing old, moving somewhere
And falling more in love than me.
But I was convinced my lungs could blow them away.
I was convinced that I would just stay the same.