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Death Protector Collective

Hail Something

by Dikembe

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released July 7, 2016

Produced by David Bell & Dikembe
Engineered and Mixed by David Bell
Mastered by Carl Saff
Lyrics by Steven Gray
Music by Dikembe
Art by Josiah Lloyd

Released by Death Protector Collective, Dog Knights (UK), Lost Boy Records (AUS)


all rights reserved



Dikembe Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Hail Something
Hail Something

I'm gonna try to hail something
It's not looking good
So I'm gonna lie to the public
Cower in soot
I'm gonna try to hail something
Whatever she wants
Because I'm gonna die before she does
If there is justice at all

But if you're looking for me
I'm probably trying to sleep
I get angry over circumstance
When everything is alright
I'm just stressed out and uptight
I get angry over everything.

I'm gonna try to hail something
It's not looking good
Track Name: Like an Archer
Like an Archer

I just can't see past the scene
I just can't wrap my head around
Two sets of teeth inside of me
I shut my lips up
Just like a shelter
Or say what I don't mean
Because if I wonder
I often worry
If I can keep my fingers clean

Feel great is just not an option
I write songs, but not that often
I sing songs, but not that often

All I ever do I say, "I'm not alright"
I throw my back out
Just like an archer
Who has never seen a fight
I look around at all these humans
And wonder if I seem
Just well enough put together
To raise another me

I could be sitting wide awake at home, alone.
Track Name: Earth Around Me
Earth Around Me

I want to believe
In seasons that speak
Where the people around me
Live inside of my heat

And in New York I was feeling
Just a little bit alone
When an angel sang across the
Small screen on my phone
I felt a weight had been lifted
From the marrow in my bones
And she stopped me from feeling angry

The earth around me
Feels like a soft sheet
And in your sound sleep
I felt her heart beat
Track Name: All Wrong
All Wrong

You put your arm right through my chest
When I wasn't looking
You said to keep it to myself
I'm telling everybody
About all the times I wanna die
I've been so awful
I said, "It's such a waste of time."
You couldn't tell me that I'm wrong

Oh please tell me that I'm all wrong.

I'm a ghost of what I once said
On a hunt to fix my broke head
I'm the king of changing subjects
I keep risk at rest
Track Name: Fix

I think the cure for aging
Is get out while you can
Or sleep half in the water
And tie tongues in the sand

I gotta fix my brain

I found a cure for the curse
I put my heart in reverse
But my legs were like lead
I started thinking again
And then my hand was a pen
And I started feeling like I might not be
The last one out
Track Name: Shelf

My head was in hell
I put my heart on the shelf
I was alone at last
A little more than I'd asked

With your neck like an owl
And your eyes in your mouth
I could hear you singing,
"Sorry for your sad soul."
And then we fell through the floor
And then we fell a little more
And all I could say was,

"I wanna know people care
About the souls of their others"
I'd be alright if I could say, "I'm okay."
But I made a bluff like I had any other option
But I think I'd rather stay awake
I'm not sure how much I could take
Track Name: Awful Machine
Awful Machine

I was spirited
I had courage once
Now I'm imperative to an empty engine
I should be interesting
I should be interested
I should be happy to be in an awful machine

And when you fell
I caught you by the shell
And I kept you to myself
I kept my straight face motor open
And you kept me running

I can often taste it
When my heart gets racing
Track Name: Creature of the Week
Creature of the Week

It was creature of the week
There were times when I could not speak
But I could act like I was going somewhere
Or saying something
Or saying nothing

I admire that you're nearby
When I'm on fire
Still an insect
Still an object
The realization: no one's going nowhere

I gave you a watch
So you would stop
Asking when I
Was coming home
I'm always coming home
Track Name: Box Springs

"I wanna be alone."
She said under her breath
And I could feel my heart strings stretch
And I draped them all around her neck
And I just sang,

"I was a mess before we met
Sleeping in box springs
Covered in sweat
Afraid of everything and shrinking slowly"

And I watched her walk
To the wall I was staring at
With her legs like rope
And she tied them around my lap.
"You're not broke
People feel like this everywhere
I should know

I was a mess before we met
Sleeping on velvet
Covered in sweat
Hating everything and sinking slowly"
Track Name: Just Explode
Just Explode

When you're not around
I get sick and just explode
Something in my heart
Doesn't work I'm fucking broke
Anything that does
Only works because you do
If you stick around
I could stick around with you

I'm a wreck
But you keep me in check
I kept my straight face motor open
And you kept me running

Let's just be real
I hope I die before you do
Track Name: Eat

These people all sleep
They talk and they eat
I wanna believe that this could happen
To me
But I'm happy to be a better part
Of the machine

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